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Jackie Golden Voice Proves She's 'Got Talent'

Jackie Golden Voice Proves She's 'Got Talent'

It's easy to forget Jackie Evancho is just 12. She mesmerized a sold-out crowd at the Naples Philharmonic on Monday night with that once-in-a-lifetime, hard-to-believe-it-comes-out-of-her-body voice. Part of her charm is her age. But her talent is ageless. The little girl who stole our hearts on "America's Got Talent" proved she's not a made-for-TV anomaly.

Her performance featured many of the made-for-movie hits from her latest album, "Songs from the Silver Screen." It will be only a matter of time before people will be writing movie songs for her to make famous.

She caused goose bumps with a rendition of "Music of the Night" from the "Phantom of the Opera." It's her favorite song, one that inspired her to become a singer. It also turned out to be the crowd's favorite, as they gave her a rousing standing ovation with the yelps, whistles and cheers normally reserved for a Broadway star.

The little girl with the golden voice showed she's more than a reality-TV standout. Jackie is no longer a star in the making. She's already arrived.

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